THE PERFECT HAIRCARE Microfiber Hair Drying Towel Wrap for Curly & Wavy Hair – Large Smooth and Silky Curly Hair Product for Women Girls and Kids – Quick Drying – Works for Hair Extensions – Pink

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Product Description

The Perfect Haircare - Your Secret to Perfect StylingThe Perfect Haircare - Your Secret to Perfect Styling

Make Everyday a Good Hairday - Microfiber Hair Towel WrapMake Everyday a Good Hairday - Microfiber Hair Towel Wrap

Twist On Top

Twist On Top

Take it Back

Take it Back

Tie the Knot

Tie the Knot

Totally Cool Kids

Totally Cool Kids

Twist and shout – literally! You’ll be shouting for joy as you twist your hair up into a perfect turban. Sip your coffee like a queen because this towels never going to slip!

Forget blow drying, forget the old t-shirts. Grab your Perfect Hair Care Towel, plop, and take it to the back! Gorgeous curls or wavy locks will lift from the roots, giving you the volume, you’ve always wanted.

Your new true love. You’re going to tie the knot with your Perfect Hair Care Towel and never let it go. Thanks to its smooth silky fabric – there’s not going to be any friction in this relationship.

Totally cool for kids as well. Saves you brushing out tangled hair every night or dealing with sopping wet pillows. Plus, they’ll love prancing around like a glamorous grown-up lady!

The Perfect Haircare ClosureThe Perfect Haircare Closure

Create Your Own Perfect Haircare Routine – You Do You Boo!

Twist, plop, plunk, scrunch, crunch, or do a bun.Your towel will NEVER fall off – thanks to the “Perfect” closure.Ideal size and fabric for drying really long or super thick hair!Easily absorbs excess product and moisture.Comfortable to sleep in for overnight drying.Enhances your hair’s natural beauty.

The Perfect Haircare StoryThe Perfect Haircare Story

About Us

It started with tangles and tears, tantrums and knots, and a frantic rummaging through the craft box.

Scraps of old fabrics were thrown aside until a treasure was found! “The Perfect” Silky Fabric that not only dried hair in half the time but kept it from getting frizzy, tangled, or broken. We perfected the design and used it in our very own home.

Cecilia, our little daughter’s curly hair, became manageable for the first time in forever. Fast forward about two years – and we’ve helped thousands of women enjoy perfect hair drying and styling.

From curly to straight, weaves to wigs – The Perfect Haircare Towel and Brush is loved by women (and kids) of all different hair types and textures. Try it for yourself, and you’ll instantly feel the difference.

Pink Black White Aquamarine Pink Black

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The Perfect Wet Dry Brush Included?

40″ x 27.5″ 40″ x 27.5″ 40″ x 27.5″ + 23.5″ x 15″ + 23.5″ x 15″ 40″ x 27.5″ + 23.5″ x 15″ + 23.5″ x 15″ 40″ x 27.5″ + 23.5″ x 15″ + 23.5″ x 15″ 40″ x 27.5″ + 23.5″ x 15″ + 23.5″ x 15″

Fabric / Material
SIlky Microfiber SIlky Microfiber SIlky Microfiber SIlky Microfiber SIlky Microfiber SIlky Microfiber

Works for All Hair Types?

Soft, Silky & Fabulous
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Patented Towel & Closure System

The Perfect Haircare Towel is the Best Hair TowelThe Perfect Haircare Towel is the Best Hair Towel

LIGHT, ABSORBENT, and ANTI FRIZZ – Treat your hair with care using our large, light, microfiber hair towel designed to pull enough moisture out of your hair fast reducing frizz.
NEVER FALLS OFF – Our patented clip means this wont fall off yet we engineered it to be extra soft and thin allowing your hair to dry 70% faster without the need for a blow dryer
FITS ALL HAIR TYPES and WRAPS 5 WAYS – Wrap your long, short, curly, wavy or straight hair into a front or back twist, plopping, or a simple bun. Designed for the active woman
ENHANCES HAIR HEALTH – Because our towel has no loops or stitching, it will decrease breakage and frizz. Also ideal for hair extensions and weaves which can be damaged by regular terry cloth towels
HAIR FRIENDLY MICROFIBER – Look closely at the images, if you see looped thread, it will damage your hair. Ours won’t and is backed by a lifetime warranty

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