Smad Propane Refrigerator with Freezer 6.1 cu.ft, 2 Way RV Refrigerator for Offgrid, Cabin, Boat, RV, Camper Gas Fridge, White

Price: $1,499.99
(as of Jul 17,2023 01:04:16 UTC – Details)

Product Description

Propane refrigeratoratorPropane refrigeratorator

Propane Refrigerator with Freezer

Totally silent, no noisy electric fridge spoiling your quiet cabin

Completely off-grid, no connection to the outside world needed

Environmental – friendly, propane is well known as a clean energy

Cost-effective, newer propane fridges are efficient and propane is cheap, this is a winning combination

Product Features

2 way refrigerator2 way refrigerator

2 way refrigerator2 way refrigerator

2 way refrigerator2 way refrigerator

Electric LPG 2 way Refrigerator

A gas refrigerator is a great option for those who want to keep their food cold without relying on electricity. ( If ventilation is required, we have matching gas flue kit available for purchase )

Perfect for off-grid living

Our line of propane refrigerators is perfectly tailored for your off grid needs. Whether you are searching for an alternative powered refrigeration unit for your hunting cabin, or an gas fridge option for your off grid tiny house, Our fridges can also been used in boats and RV campers.

Safe to use, no worries about ammonia leakage

Our products adopt the latest underwater testing technology, different from other products on the market, there is no risk of ammonia leakage

2 way refrigerator2 way refrigerator

2 way refrigerator2 way refrigerator

2 way refrigerator2 way refrigerator

Safe Ignition

Our igniters are specially treated and have a windproof device to ensure the fire will not blow out

Store More

This RV refrigerator features four adjustable shelves and one crisper drawer,as well as four door rack, to maximize your storage efficiency.

Reversible Door

Reversible door allows left and right open, meeting different requirements of installation and using habits

rv refrigeratorrv refrigerator

3 way refrigerator3 way refrigerator

3.5 cu.ft. 6.1 cu.ft. 9.3 cu.ft. 2.4 cu.ft. 7.0 cu.ft.



Power supply
LPG/110V/12V LPG/110V LPG/110V LPG/110V/12V LPG/110V

20.6″W x 23.2″D x 32.2″H 23.6″Wx 26″Dx 57.5″H 23.6″W x 29.1″D x64.2″H 25.8″L x 20.3″W x 27.0″H 40.5″Lx 28.7″W x 33″H

Large capacity RV refrigerator: It has a total storage space of 6.1 cubic feet, making it suitable for storing all types of perishable goods, including tall containers, eggs, and ice cubes. The refrigerator measures 25×26.5×58 inches, making it ideal for small living spaces like boats, cabins, and RVs.
Low gas consumption: The propane refrigerator is eco-friendly and consumes approximately 1.2lb/24h (0.26 Gallons/24h), making it an efficient and cost-effective option for off-grid living.
Versatile usage for off grid living: The propane refrigerator is versatile and suitable for a variety of living situations, including RVs, camper hotels, apartments, villas, farms, cottages, chalets, and grid-off locations. It has a light inside to help you access your food easily at any time.
Easy to clean: The powder-coated shelves and adjustable shelves make it easy to clean and organize the interior of the propane refrigerator. The reversible door and durable white exterior add to its ease of use. SATISFACTION GUARANTEE:If there is any quality problem (ammonia leakage or damage, etc.) within one year, we will provide free replacement or full refund

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