NXONE Mini Fridge,8 Can/6 Liter Small Refrigerator,110VAC/ 12V DC Portable Thermoelectric Cooler and Warmer Freezer Skincare Desk Little Tiny fridge for Cosmetics,Foods, Bedroom,Dorm,Office,and Car

Price: $49.99
(as of Jul 04,2023 12:56:15 UTC – Details)

Product Description

mini fridge for gaming mini fridge for gaming

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We understand that even the smallest error in temperature measurement can have a big impact on the performance of our products. So we carefully collect and monitor data on every fridge that we produce to ensure that the temperature reading is as accurate as possible.

Our skilled technicists work hard to set up and improve our database allowing us to track and analyze the performance of each machine .We focus on producing high-quality products that meet the needs and expectations of customers.

Four colors to chooseFour colors to choose

Upgraded the Cooling Technology

We upgraded the temperature control to make it even more precise and effective in cooling your beverages and snacks. But that’s not all. We also integrated energy-efficient refrigeration technology into the design of our fridge to make it more environmentally and cost-effective for our customers. With these upgrades, you can enjoy the same great convenience of having a mini fridge in your home or office, while also doing your part to conserve energy and protect the planet.

Better Cooling for youBetter Cooling for you

quiet for youquiet for you

I would like to buy this for my desk at work. Is it too loud to keep in a cubicle or is the noise level ok?

The noise level is quite low. It’s a whirring fan noise. Anyone talking nearby, or the sound of your computer will almost certainly be louder than this thing.

Is this good for storing Breast milk or baby bottles?

Yes, with optional center shelf removed.

What are the inside dimensions?

6L capacity that measures 5.6×6.38×10.35 in

Can you fit cans of soda in this?

Yes. Mine will hold 4 on bottom and 4 on shelf.

I don’t have a cigarette lighter in my car, can i use it with a usb?

No. It does not come with a usb cord or port.

Stylish & Compact Mini Fridge: Our little fridge is simple with smooth lines design. The compact size is perfect for keeping drinks and snacks within easy reach without taking up too much space, and the sleek, modern design blends well with your home decor. Drink cold water or soda water while playing computer games or working long hours is so pleased. Love the convenience of having cold drinks and snacks within arm’s reach.
Portable Thermoelectric Refrigerator : 6L capacity that measures 5.6×6.38×10.35 in and it can hold 8 cans 12oz cola beer. Compact design with removable shelf is perfect for storing your essentials at home, at work, in a dorm, or even on the go, keep your desk tidy with the generous amount of storage space.Take This Mini fridge toghter,enjoy your trip.
Home & Car Use: Includes 2 power cords, 1 AC and 1 DC. Two plugs are included for both stndard wall outlets and 12V cigarette lighters in vehicles, so you can use it both at home and outside.And the convenient carry handle increases the versatility of our mini refrigerator. Please note: Make sure to run the cooler/heater only when the engine is on, otherwise there will be a risk of draining the battery.
Cool to Warm: Cool up to 32℉ (18℃-22℃) below environment; warms up to 140℉ (55℃-60℃). There is a hot/cold switch in the back. You can switch mini refrigerator for the bedroom to set cold or hot. Perfect for Little Snacks and Baby Bottles! Reminder: In order not to damage the life of the mini fridge for bedroom, we recommend to wait at least 15 minutes in between when switching the hot/cold mode.

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