NEW WR55X10942 Replacement Control Board Compatible for GE Refrigerator, PS2364946, WR55X10942P, WR55X11130, WR55X10552, WR55X10656, WR55X10996, WR55X11072, 200D4852G010 Primeco Brand – 1 YEAR W

Price: $187.95
(as of Jan 05,2023 09:31:30 UTC – Details)

GE BOARD ASM MAIN CONTROL part # WR55X10942P, this is the same part as WR55X10942, (this part replaced the WR55X10942 part in the NEW catalog. The P at the end of the part # is GE’s Internal part number) Board replacement can often be complex issue. If you are not 100% sure of your board being faluty, you must get professional help. Boards are often replaced just to find out the issue with the refrigerator was not the board. If the board is used, and installed, the return can not be accepted due to item being electronic.
Brand; Primeco / Quality Aftermarket Replacement Refrigerator Main Board for GE
Part Numbers; Part Numbers; WR55X10942, PS2364946, WR55X10942P, PS2364946, WR55X10942P, WR55X11130, WR55X10552, WR55X10656, WR55X10996, WR55X11072, 200D4852G010
Quality Design Backed by 1 YEAR WARRANTY for Peace of mind . Please contact us with your model # to confirm compatibilty.
The board replacement on a refrigerator might be a complicated task. Many times, a different issue with another component may be misinterpreted as a bad control board. There are many other components in the refrigerator that needs to be checked before replacing the board. If the fridge is not troubleshoot correctly, the new board will appear as defective due to actual defective part not being replaced. Please advise with a authorized service tech to troubleshoot the issue with your fridge.
A constant clicking from the motherboard indicates a bad board. A bad motherboard may show burnt marks or bad soldering joints from overheating on the front or back of the board. If the refrigerator lights dim when you get ice/water, or if the ice melts and refreezes are also signs of a bad motherboard. A hum and then a click a few seconds later from the compressor indicates a compressor or relay issue but not a motherboard problem.

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