Miraculous Ladybug Collectible Figures | 12 Miraculous Ladybug Figures Out of 16 Collectibles in 1 Pack | 6 Figures and 2 Rare Hidden Mystery Figures by P.M.I. (Assortment A)

Price: $29.99
(as of Nov 21,2022 10:12:30 UTC – Details)

Official Miraculous Product of PMI- Get a deluxe set of MIRACULOUS LADYBUG COLLECTIBLE FIGURES to play with, use as stationery, start a collection, or throw a Miraculous Ladybug theme party! ✔ Various selections of collectible figures: ● 12 total figures in 1 pack ● 2 of the 12 figures is hidden open the pack to find out which character it is ● figures are approximately 2 inches in size ✔ These mini figures are collectibles: ● collect the total of 16 characters ● find the rare hidden figures ● made of high quality PVC plastic ● recyclable material ✔ Use these toys as Miraculous Ladybug party decorations and supplies ● kids and teenagers love to play with these Miraculous Ladybug figures or use them as stationery ● “Luck is coming your way!” with these collectible figures
GET 8 MIRACULOUS LADYBUG FIGURES AT ONCE. These are small figures representing the TV show’s characters, including TWO Ladybug poses, TWO Cat Noir poses, Tikki, Plagg, Vesperia, Pollen Carapace, Wayzz, and two RARE unknown figures! —just like in the Miraculous Ladybug show! The package playfully hides two exciting Miraculous Ladybug figures— looks like “Luck is coming your way”! Collect these figures for a show-like experience!
MIRACULOUS LADYBUG GIFTS WITH A TOTAL OF 16 FOR YOU TO COLLECT. Find all these Miraculous Ladybug figures for girls and boys including some RARE and hidden figures! These mini figures are multifunctional— they can be used as stationery, too. Not enough Miraculous Ladybug stuff? Don’t forget to keep their secret identity! Expand your collection because it’s “Time to de-evilize”!
USE THE MIRACULOUS STATIONERY AS MIRACULOUS LADYBUG PARTY SUPPLIES. For parents and kids, stationery can work as both entertainment and party as they bring an exciting theme to a party, and invite children to an activity—just play with them! These Miraculous Ladybug figures can inspire you to “Trust yourself!” and have fun. Throw a simple Miraculous Ladybug party or even a Miraculous Ladybug birthday party with this Miraculous ladybug stuff, and hear your kids happily shout their favorite characters’ catchphrases.
GENUINE MIRACULOUS LADYBUG STATIONERY LICENSED BY THE TV SHOW’S DEVELOPERS. P.M.I., the manufacturer of these mini figures is licensed by Zagtoon, the company that developed Miraculous Ladybug. The kids’ figures are authentic-looking and in line with the show’s original style. Detailed and precise, these collectible Miraculous Ladybug party favors show the producer’s great attention to detail. Spark your children’s interest in the show, or surprise them if they’re already fans with this Official Miraculous Product of PMI.
PERFECT AS MIRACULOUS LADYBUG GIFTS. A whole pack of Miraculous Ladybug merch is a great gift idea, especially if the child you have in mind is a fan of the show! The pack will also come in handy if you’re looking for simple Miraculous Ladybug birthday party supplies, and it can even be used as Miraculous Ladybug birthday decorations. Pick the perfect set to help your young enthusiast complete their collection, or start one from scratch. Share this stationery with the adult in your life, and “Be Miraculous”!

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