5304511738 LED Light Bulb For Refrigerator Compatible with Electrolux Kenmore Frigidaire Refrigerator PS12364857, AP6278388…

Price: $14.29 - $9.99
(as of Nov 17,2022 06:20:28 UTC – Details)

Fits the following models (not all applicable models may be listed): FFSS2615TE0 FFSS2615TP0 FFSS2615TS0 FFSS2315TE0 FFSS2315TP0 FFSS2315TS0 FFSS2325TE0 FFSS2325TP0 FFSS2325TS0 FFSS2625TE0 FFSS2625TP0 FFSS2625TS0 FFHX2325TE0 FFHX2325TM0 FFHX2325TP0 FFHX2325TS0 LFSS2312TE0 LFSS2312TF0 LFSS2312TP0 LFSS2612TE0 LFSS2612TF0.

Fits the following models (not all applicable models may be listed): LFSS2612TP0 FFSS2315TD0 FFSS2615TD0 LFSS2312TD0 LFSS2612TD0 CRSE233TB0 CRSE233TS0 CRSE233TW0 CRSE263TB0 CRSE263TD0 CRSE263TS0 CRSE263TW0 FFSS2615TS2 FFSS2615TS2 FFSS2615TS1 FFSS2615TD2 LFSS2612TF2 LFSS2612TF2 FFSS2315TS2 FFSS2615TE2 FFSS2615TS3 LFSS2612TF3 LFSS2612TF3 LFSS2612TP3 LFSS2612TP3 LFSS2612TE3 LFSS2612TE3 FFSS2615TP3 FFSS2615TP1 LFSS2612TE4 FFSS2625TS3 FFSS2615TE4.

Fits the following models (not all applicable models may be listed): FFSS2615TE3 FFSS2315TP1 FFSS2315TP3 LFSS2612TF4 FFSS2615TP4 FFSS2615TS5 FFSS2615TD3 FFSS2615TD4 FFSS2315TE3 LFSS2312TF4 LFSS2312TP4 LFSS2312TP1 LFSS2312TD4 LFSS2312TE4 LFSS2312TE1 LFSS2312TF1 FFSS2315TP4 FFSS2315TS5 LFSS2612TP5 FFSS2315TE4 FFSS2315TD4 FFHT1821TS2 FFSS2615TP2 FFSS2615TP2
LED light 5304511738 attaches inside the cabinet and illuminates the inside of the refrigerator or freezer. This part works with the following brand Refrigerators: Frigidaire, Kenmore, Electrolux Refrigerator LED Light Bulb,Refrigerator Light Bulb Kei D34l
Part Number 5304511738.Replaces Following Part Numbers 5304511738, PS12364857, AP6278388.Wide voltage design, suitable for 110V to 130V. Wattage:3.5w
This part is compatible with models including:FFSS2615TD0,FFSS2615TD1,FFSS2615TD2,FFSS2615TD3, LFSS2612TP2,FFSS2325TS0,LFSS2612TP1,LFSS2612TP0, LFSS2612TP3,LFSS2312TE1,CRSE233TW0,LFSS2312TE2, CRSE263TS0,FFSS2615TP0,FFSS2615TP1,FFSS2615TP2
FFSS2615TP3,LFSS2312TE0,CRSE233TB0,FFSS2625TE2, FFSS2625TE3,FFSS2625TE0,FFSS2625TE1,CRSE263TD0, LFSS2312TD0,FFSS2615TS0,LFSS2312TD1,LFSS2612TD1, FFSS2615TS1,LFSS2312TD2,LFSS2612TD0,FFSS2615TS2, FFSS2315TS1,FFSS2615TS3,FFSS2315TS0,FFSS2315TS3, FFSS2315TS2,FFHX2325TP0.
[About Us]:This after-market replacement part is made from durable high quality material and well-tested by manufacturer.If for whatever reason, you decide you are not satisfied, you can request a replacement or a full refund, no questions!

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